Monday, March 28, 2011

Homework, traffic jams, and sick cats

This is how my day goes, a plethora of crazy things to take care of.

We were still on that temp basal of +10% for the  growth spurt.  When will those sugars come back down?  Your guess is as good as mine, so lots of checks and worry over that.

Then Scrappy pukes this morning, 3 days after ending her lactulose.  Need another rx for that, something to pick up tomorrow.

Then it's time for the Monday allergy shot after school.  Traffic jam has the road closed to York, so we get off, turn around.  Won't make it before they close for the day.  We'll never get to the end of the blue or grren bottles of the allergy shots.  That's ok, I forgot to make an appt anyway.  We'll probably be sick next week and have to postpone again.

We got to bring our home work folder home so we'll get a demerit for that tomorrow. At least we remembered to tell us there is no band tomorrow after school, so off to the vet to get the medicine. then home to change our set.

My car goes into the shop for an oil change tomorrow.  Dear hubby has to get Catie to school and the car dropped off and get to his training by 8 AM, not gonna happen.

I have two letters to get done at work tomorrow before a 2 hour have it out meeting with the team at work. Work is supposed to be my relaxing place, hmph.

And they are calling for snow for the rest of the week.  April Fools.

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