Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quick Endo visit, and other stuff

Our endo is so busy that when you're supposed to see him every 3 months that means you won't get in for 5 months.  Today they called out of the blue with a cancellation at 1:30.  So I took it.  We had just downloaded the pump data last night to send to the CDE and so I had the data and I was ready.  He said her thyroid might be be getting enlarged so we'll recheck those numbers. And raise those basals at night (yikes, at night) that might help with the breakfast spike.  I'll try it.

He still said no to the CGMS. Damn.

I haven't posted for awhile.  I think I had some burnout with Catie's bad cold and growth spurt in April.  We had mild ketones, a bad reaction to the nebulizer medicine, missed 3 days of school, antibiotics, yuck.  I will still tell the asthma story sometime.  So she was coughing again yesterday and my knee jerk reaction was to keep her home (Tuesday is gym day anyway), so that's why we were home.  Jury is still out whether we are sick or not.  Another panic attack for me.

I want to participate in more DOC blogging things, I want to meet more T1's and T3's. I learn alot from their blogs and feel like we're not so alone in the D-World.

 I'm getting closer to talking to the mysterious T1 girl in Catie's dance school.  She looks about 14, no pump.  I don't want to spook her. But I know what she looks like.

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