Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 1 D-Myths

I wasn't sure what to write about in admitring differences.  I'm still trying to find people that I have something in common with in the D-world.

D-Myths I have heard since my daughter's dx (also can be lumped in with stupid things people say to you after they find out you or your kid have D):

1. Did she get that from eating too many sweets/candy/juice?
2. Is that the bad kind of diabetes?
3. Can she eat candy/cake/ice cream?
4. She needs sugar free candy, right?
5. Won't she out grow that?
6. Can't she just take a pill instead of shots?

Each time I hear one of these things I want to pound my head and tell them they are stupid.  Diabetes is fairly common and lots of people have it (Type 2 anyway) so I knew the answers to all of these before my daughter got diabetes. People are just ignorant until it hits them in the face.

So my choices are:
1. educate people
2. tell them they are stupid
3. agree with them, maybe they will realize they are stupid

I usually go for number 1, sometimes I do number 3. Depends on my mood.

This video sums it up. I'm sure everyone has seen it.

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