Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 4 a day late - 10 things I hate about Diabetes

As a parent this is what it does to me and my daughter:

1. The lost sleep from checking at night.  I don't care who says I don't have to, I still will check.

2. The worry until the next sugar reading.

3.  The lows.

4. The highs.

5. Millions of doctor appointments. Asthma helps out on this one more.

6. It's 24/7 and never ending.

7.  The threat to her health, her life.

8. Changing sets, will this one hurt or be no big deal?

9. That the pharmacists know my name when they see my face.

10. She can't eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants (Catie's number one beef) when she's at school or with her friends.

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