Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 7 Stuff I've learned from other blogs

I have learned tons.  I have so many blogs saved as favorites.  Both of parents with T1 and people, mostly young adults, with T1.  I have learned so much, where do I start:

From Kerri on SUM: about D-camp and how I need to send my daughter (ok, I might be ready some day), how you can make a career out of D, how you can have a baby if you want to!!, how your cats can be CGM's and detect lows, how life can even be fun with D !?!

From Kim at Texting my Pancreas: That you can draw cool pictures with paintbrush, that weddings and pumps are awesome together, that Blunt Lancet is an awesome band, how to laugh at D.

From Meri: How having 3 with D is way crazier than just 1.

From Hallie: Surviving a seizure!!

From Lorraine: the mini Glucagon treatment, Family D-camp, how a seven year old can change his pod.

Oh and so much more.  I can never write like they do, but I can only hope to share that we are another family dealing with D.

Above all else, it helps so much to know we are not alone. Thanks Karen for blog week.

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