Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 3 D Bloopers

OK, we have been at this now for almost two years and I can't list too many major bloopers.  I'm a control freak and I try to prevent the worst from happening, meanwhile,other stuff creeps up on me (bad A1C's, etc). Each blooper is a learning experience.

The lowest number we ever had = 28.  That was in the beginning and from this we learned about insulin stacking.

The highest number we ever had = 591. That was when we had a site failure.  We learned about correcting those with a pen and not the pump.

Highest ketones - moderate during a cold.  We learned about drinking lots of fluid makes these go away.

Other dumb stuff: poked myself with the lancet, poked myself with a needle (her dad did this and thought it meant he might get low and needed a donut to counteract that), tried a to put on a site with the adhesive still covered, took the only glucagon with me to work and had to bring it back home, put the test strip in upside down, backward, not enough blood Err 5's, lots of those.  I wish I had more pictures.

Carnage after a screwed up site change.

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