Sunday, March 6, 2011


I promised a picture of the critter room.  First a background story - Catie has always loved stuffed animals the most when it came to toys, those were the ones she loved, played with and carried around with her.  When webkinz came out she kept seeing cute ones of those and had to have them.  We would be in the store and say, oo, i don't have this one and hold it like it was hers and how is a mom supposed to tell her to put it back.  So it came home with us.  Again, and Again.

After 10 years of agains we now hve a room in our house just for the critters.  We are lucky enough to have a house big enough to have a room just for the critters.  I try to keep them picked up and in their bins but for some reason they jump back out and it looks like this:

Sigh.  It's so friggin cute that I will truly miss it someday when she either moves out and takes the critters with her or decides to get rid of the whole bunch.

On the D front:  why is it that sometimes, not all the times, we get excited when we hangout with our BFF or even go shopping with her, we end up high later?  Why? Wouldn't the activity lower the blood sugar? Nope, not all the time.  After shopping today and before dinner we're at 236.  I know I counted lunch the same as always. Stupid diabeetus.

This week we have band day complete with a field trip to the high school where the nurse's office is a mile away from the band room and where they plan on pizza for lunch.  Sigh again.  Dad will be meeting her there at lunch time to test/count carbs/bolus.  Hopefully it will turn out better than last Tuesday with the all time high.

Tomorrow is Monday and I hate getting up on Mondays.  This is the one reason alone that I want to retire.

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