Sunday, March 27, 2011

Growth Spurts

So last night before dinner we were 326, lovely.  I check again 2 hours after dinner which is usually a time of lows and it was 375. %&^%*$ So I debate with dad, change the set?  Growth spurt?

Set looks good, 43 units in the cartridge.  We hedge our bets.  It's a growth spurt.  Increase that basal 20% and give a correction with the pen.  Check again 3 times before bed, we're going down to 265, no ketones. Check twice more during the night.

Wake up to 151 (yea temp basal!!) change set out like normal on a Suunday morning.  Measure our height - yep, Houston, we have measurable growth.

I must be the only mom in America who measures her kid's height every week. But, hey, it will be over soon, so what the heck.  I don't weigh her that often and don't give her a complex about her weight at all, if anything, she could gain a few.  She's grown 3.5 inches since September, at this rate she will be taller than me in one year, and I'm 5'6".

So this afternoon while shopping she says she's shaky, 74.  Before dinner and after 12 crabs of smarties, she's 106.  The temp basal is off.  We'll see where the roller coaster goes next.

The A1C came back at 7.9.  While this may not sound great, with all the growth spurting going on and considering this is a drop from the 8.1 we had in December, it's a small triumph.  I will take it.

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