Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Band Day, Mushy Fastnaughts, and why I hate infusion sets

Today was Band Day and Catie had to go to the high school from 9 to 2 with lunch served.  No nurse.

So the band teacher brings alomg Catie's entire bin of supplies from the nurse's office.  They better be back in the nurse's office tomorrow for testing.

So there were snacks and pizza for lunch.  Dad was scheduled for lunch testing/counting carbs and bolusing. He showed up on time, tested her, texted mom so mom wouldn't worry, and counted carbs pretty well.  Pizza is always a guess, but after school the number wasn't too bad, only needed a small correction.  the cool thing is Catie counted her own carbs/bolused for the morning snack and got it all right!!

So tonight when we got home with extra math homework from the stuff she missed from being at band day, there was a mushy fastnaught in the bottom of her backpack.  She knew it wold be hard to count so she brought it home.  And it got smushed in the bottom of her bag. And onto her math folder.  Yuck

Picked up my new glasses with the progressive in them today.  Not wearing them since the frame is tight. The more they cost, the less you wear them.

Why I hate infusion sets:
  • You never know if they are working for a few hours by which time you could be sky high
  • They hurt sometimes going on
  • They hurt coming off
  • The adhesive gets bubbles in it and starts to peel up and maybe stops it from working
  • Your fingernail catches on them and rips them out @*&^%*#&^*
  • They don't come in purple
  • They leave little poke holes in your skin
So far our insulin pump experience has been mixed.  I hate changing sets because of the anxiety it brings. We had one site failure with a sky high number.  A1C's haven't really improved.  She's always tethered.  If shots could deliver the precision that a pump could, that would be the best.  Lantus wasn't that bad for us as a basal.  The remote bolus is a cool feature, but you can't remote basal. Blah, blah, blah...

Stupid diabeetus.

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