Thursday, March 24, 2011

Number Games

I should buy some MegaMillions tickets with all the numbers I see and base my happiness on daily.

Today's high (so far) 282
Today's low (so far) 112

Just found out the A1C - 7.9 (down from 8.1 three months ago - yea!!)

Yesterday's low  41 (yuck)
Yesterday's high 284 (2 hours before the low)

Too bad MegaMillions doesn't have decimals or three digit numbers.

Tomorrow is the last day of the course we've been teaching at work.  Thank goodness. It will be done by lunch time.

Scruffy is eating again. Catie is playing the clarinet. The sun came out.  MegaMillions is up to $304 million.  That's all pretty good stuff.

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