Friday, March 25, 2011

Accupuncture and the mystery dance class girl

OK, I'm all for alternative medicines if they make people feel better.  I think they bring alot of relaxation to people, massage therapy, choropractors, accupuncture, etc.

But when they tell you they can cure diabetes (mailto:*@%5E&&%5E$#^&$%@*& is all I have to say.

TYPE 2 NOT TYPE 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So anyway Catie was at Friday dance class and before we left I tested her blood sugar.  The girls in the next class left their things there in the changing room.  One left a medic alert necklace that said Diabetes on it.  Who is this girl and where has she been hiding?????  I will be looking of her purple glasses next week, you better believe it, and I will stalk her down until she and Catie say hi to each other.

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