Friday, March 4, 2011

Dance Class

OK, the other day I mentioning rebasaling after a growth spurt and I did tweek a few of these to get the fasting sugars back in a good range and it worked.  My CDE also mentioned tweeking two ratios, bfast and dinner, the bfast tweek helped, but dinner gave us a low, due to me tweeking the basal too.  So anyway, after two weeks of wackiness due to illness and a growth spurt, we have achieved temporary number nirvana.

Until Friday dance class.

Recital 2006 pre-diabetes/pump.

Every Friday from 4:15 to 5:45 the pump is unplugged because you can not dance around with a pump flapping on you.  You have to look sleek in your leotard.  Not to mention feel normal.  So we have a decent snack and bolus before class and unplug.  After class we test and usually are low due to the activity.  And then we get smarties, yum.  Today we were 115 after class, yes!!  Score.  I'm sure later tonight we'll be sky high again. Press on.

Maybe this weekend I will blog about my hatred of asthma. Maybe not.  TGIF

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