Saturday, March 5, 2011

Easter Candy, the Mayflower, and BFF's

I love when Easter candy comes out in the stores and I love that Easter is late this year so we can buy Easter candy from Valentines Day all the way to April 23rd, over two months!  If the stores don't run out.  Gourmet jelly beans, Reeses peanut butter eggs, marshmallow peeps, etc. and these are in the pantry at the same time as the girl scout cookies. Catie can sure calculate how many carbs is in a single piece of candy or a cookie by doing the division from the label. But ask her to do the math on a sandwich - Mom, can't you do that?

Now I have always allowed her to have a few pieces of candy after a meal for dessert, and after she was diagnosed for the diabeetus, I told her she can keep eating those things, no problem.  She always placed limits on herself and never sat there and ate this stuff without stopping, like I've seen some of her friends do. So now she gets 25 carbs for dessert and she says that's plenty. And back she goes to what she was doing.

So today my cousin posts on Facebook that our grandmother's family can be traced back to one of the dudes on the Mayflower.  She's double checking a few things, and will let us know.  Pretty awesome.  I bet alot of people can trace their roots to someone like this.   I recently found my first Irish relative on my mom's side, before that no one was Irish in the family, which was hard to believe.  But I know now that my great great great grandma was a Maggie Keeney, proof enough for St. Patty's Day.

Catie can spend major amounts of time on the phone with her BFF while on Toontown, a disney kid web site.  She tried to get me to play on it too, but it was not my cup of tea.  I don't mind her spending hours doing that.  Although her sugars are a little higher than if she had someone to go outside and play with.  Her BFF lives 25 minutes away so they only see each other once a week if that and the last time they each got back on Tootown.  She has a good buddy at school too, ironically with the same name, but she never gets to see her on the weekends or online.  Between the two of them, she has a BFF where ever she goes.  At this age friends are getting more and more important and will be through high school.

Do I have a BFF?  I get a BFF, she moves away or I move away and then I get new friends and try to keep up with my old friends but it's just not the same if you can't see each other often enough. Sucks cause you miss them. I have a few good friends I can talk to alot, we are all so busy and can't do things together like we could when our lives were before kids, jobs, etc. I hope they are close by when we can retire. These are girlfriends I'm talking about. Hubby's are a ddifferent kind of friend, wink.  I can tell him everything, but you still need girlfriends.  Ever watch Sex and the City?  Those 4 girls are so close, it would be awesome to have 4 friends so close like that for many years.  I think that is why women love that show so much.


Remind me to take a picture of the critter room tomorrow.

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