Thursday, March 3, 2011

Midterms and Cats

As my baby heads toward middle school, she now has serious school work ahead of her to include midterms and finals.  Tonight we memorized the symbols for 30 periodic elements.  Are you smarter than a 5th grader?  What's the symbol for insulin? not an element?  But it is a precious item.

I promised the Scruffy story. Catie just loves this cat. Here he is all cleaned up from his humble stray beginnings.  He has eczema, needs special diet food z/d diet which is very expensive, still itches and scratches himself all the time, has tons of crud in his ears, and he attacks my other cat who was here first.  Just for that he lives in the basement most of the time.  But when he's here with the rest of us, he gets the 4th chair at the dinner table, plays fetch with his green mouse tirelessly and will snuggle with you on the couch when you're teleworking or doing the taxes.  He also has bad habits of jumping onto the kitchen island and licking his butt.  My friend found him at the depot where we worked on Dec 29, 2006 and I told her to take him home with her because it was too cold out here.  We were getting ready to move and couldn't take him.  So she said he could live at her house with her other 4 cats and Yorkie until we got moved in.  In the meantime he got Bob Barkered.  We brought him hom eon March 2, 2007, worm and leukemia free, but he had fleas, a broken tail and this itching issue.  Later his tail tip fell off.  The vet didn't believe me until I brought it in for her to look at (in a ziploc).
Look at the scrtach on his nose when we found him.  He even let my friend give him a bath.  What cat takes a bath?  I tried to do that later and got scratched.

I told Catie she has to take him with her to college.  That will be at least 8 years or more.  She says she wants to do college online so she can stay home.  Cats live how long?

This is my baby Scrappy.  She has the best green eyes and gives me lots of kisses.  Scruffy is mean to her.

On a cool note today Kerri Sparling said she wold add me to her blogroll on sixuntilme.  Very cool.  My friend Tamara got to guest blog for her last week.  Blog royalty.

This weekend I will discuss set changes, BFF's and asthma (I hate asthma). Among other things.

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