Monday, February 28, 2011

More stuff

Last night Catie saw my new blog and wanted to have her own. And she can write! You can see her blog at

So today I have a cold and I'm pretty sure it's the cold Catie had last week, I sure hope it's nothing new because I don't want her to get sick again.  I hate when she gets sick, I never know what to expect...will it be just a few tissues or a full blown fever/vomiting/run to the hospital for IV fluids? Yikes.  It sends chills up my spine when she says her throat hurts. Anyone else ever feel that way?

So I messed around with her basals last night and it didn't make a dent in her numbers today, so, last night her dad downloaded the pump (not an easy feat) and got the numbers emailed to my CDE (who also has a 10 year old and an Animas pump of her own) who recommended messing with the I:C ratios.  So we gave it a whirl at dinner.  We'll see, I'm sure there is more adjusting ahead. 

I'm heading to bed early tonight, I hope.  Tomorrow's topic: diabetes and asthma, double the fun.

Remind me to tell you about Scruffy some day.

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