Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pods on the beach

You can see the pod pretty good here.  The vet wrap gives you funny tan marks and must have a good SPF.

Shortly after this she started with the sore throat...coughing...again.  So we came home a day early.

We saw our endo today and after a summer of great numbers and good averages in the Omnipod PDM, the A1C was only 7.9, sooo this goes to prove that the Omnipod PDM does read lower than the One Touch. I turned up the calibration code so that it show higher numbers just to see what happens.

First day of school is tomorrow and we have a new nurse at school who didn't call me back today, sigh.  She will have no clue what Type 1 is so I will have to educate her, and chase her around which is so aggravating. Stay tuned.

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